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Silver Coins and Why You Should Invest

investing in silver coins easy

For Investors that want to get a firm hold on huge benefits, investing in silver coins remains one of the best options that an investor can choose. Investing in silver remains a great hedge against inflation and financial turmoil. It remains the reason why the demand for silver in the market today keeps rising with each passing day. Those who have held on to silver coins over the ages are able to gain huge benefits from the spot prices in the market today.

Investing in silver coins has been quite a challenge for some investors. This is because there are a variety of coins in the market and there are different ways that one can purchase the coins. The types of silver coins available include rare coins. These are usually up for sale at high prices but on some occasions, their value is a bit subjective. This is because they have over time worn out and the quality of their appearance has declined. This makes it quite secure to invest in bullion coins rather than becoming a collector of rare coins. The silver bullions will prove to be of help in gaining huge profits in the silver bull market.

Investing In Silver Coins: The Four Types of Silver Coins

The American market has largely participated in the production of bullion silver coins. These have been made available for silver investors who want to take up silver coins as their form of silver investment. All the governments that have participated in the production of silver are offering investors an easy option in investment.

All silver investors need to know that there are four types of silver coins. These are the silver bullion coins, Numismatic silver coins, semi numismatic silver coins and pre-1964 junk silver coins.

Silver Bullion Coins (see Wikipedia for more info on silver coins): these usually have a silver fineness of the highest capacity. They are thus considered as pure silver. These usually have a two-layer cost and the precious silver metal and dealer premium. Many investors opt to run for the silver bullion coins for an investment

investing in silver coins

Numismatic silver coins: coin collectors normally purchase the numismatic silver coins. They have prices, which are subject to the outside market factors in regards to the silver spot price. The numismatic silver coins have a three-layer cost; the metal content, numismatic premium, and the dealer profit. The collectors usually have skills gained over the years in identifying silver coins of value and trading in them. In many cases, they have become successful in this art of the trade.

Semi numismatic silver coins: The value of the Semi numismatic silver coins is based partly on the coin value and is largely dictated by the silver bullion content.

Pre-1964 junk silver coins: These are coins such as the dimes, Morgan dollars, old quarters, and Franklin half-dollars. These coins are not fine silver and in many cases have been known to carry 35% to 90% silver. This reduces their popularity and use in investment since the silver industry needs the fine silver, which runs on 99.9 levels. This leaves the bullion silver coins as the best form for use when investing in silver.

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